A developer’s guide to WhatsApp Automation


What do I do if my automation is stuck? Which tools should I use? Let our developer and automation wizard Bob clear some of your most techy doubts.

Have you found your Aha Moment yet?


Do you know that feeling when you cannot remember a song and then all of a sudden it just hits you? That’s your Aha Moment and here’s how to find it.

How to brainstorm better and faster, even from home


Take a peek at our last training session about brainstorming, and learn from the best some tips and tricks to kill it in your next brainstorming session!

Seven reasons why Growth Hacking is not “just like marketing”


“What is it exactly that you do?”. Seven ways to finally give the perfect answer when they will ask you, again, if growth hacking is the same as marketing.

WhatsApp Business: 20 reasons to use it in 2020.


1.6B users worldwide and a 99% opening rate are just a few of the reasons why you should use Whatsapp Business in 2020, but they’re not the only ones.

3 steps to become a future-proof T-Shaped marketer

The T-Shaped marketing model covers all different skills a marketer should possess in order to become a Growth Hacking master.

Traction Channels: 19 ways to achieve growth.


The 19 Traction Channels and the Bullseye Framework: a must-know method to raise awareness around your brand and boost acquisition.

North Star Metric: a growth hacker’s way to find your true North


Your North Star Metric: a life or death matter for your business. Why? It moves every step and drives every decision, and so much more. Did you find it yet?

The Pirate Funnel: six phases to achieve growth.


The AAARRR Funnel! Cool abbreviation right?.It sounds like something a pirate would say, but it’s even more important to growth hackers than to pirates.

The right mindset: do you have a fixed or a growth mindset?


How do you feel when receiving feedback? And what do you think about challenges? Find out if you have the right mindset to start growth hacking.